My national team has 124% and the players have 7 stars...
Why do i get players with 80% quality after i accumulate 6 points, If my players have over 120% quality?
Several seasons have passed and some of my players are over 32 years old...
Would it not be fair to get players with the quality of the team we own, to replace the old?
We have top scorers challenge....
Why do not we have the same challenge for the best goal passes player and the best rating player every seasons?
From the juniors academy we receive one free player with 2 stars... why?
Not would it be right to receive a free high quality player, depending on the level we have at the academy?
At level 10, would it be right to receive a 6-star player for free, and the possibility to buy the other with a fewer number of tokens than high-quality players?
After the current season we have at national teams, we should change the players of all national teams and be a world cup every season, where we have matches scheduled as champions league, and as a national team advances, we get players for national, chips and the possibility of stealing a player for the club team when a new season starts ... not to lose the quality.
Thank You!