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Thread: A new feature

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    A new feature


    I've got a new idea for the game. It is as follows:

    On promotion to next level after every season finishes, all our players loose a star. You can introduce a feature called 'Rating Retention' which will work this way- Say I've a player with a rating of 95% and before the season is about to finish I opt for 'Rating Retention' I pay 12 Tokens and the player's rating remains the same next season, only his age increases. The higher the rating, higher the number of tokens to be spent for rating retention feature.

    Hope to see this useful feature pretty soon.
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    I think the number of tokens would need to be way higher to offset what Nordeus would be losing through the auctions.
    Try finding a 95% player for only 12 tokens during the first week.
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    why should i pay tokens if i can tank . Anyway promotion to next level dont give you any advantages rather disadvantages
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    Quote Originally Posted by tomu741 View Post
    why should i pay tokens if i can tank . Anyway promotion to next level dont give you any advantages rather disadvantages

    And why should you play anyway if you only tank....

    It is sooooo boring just trying to loose so you can make the Top100 in the Association for example..

    The team of the tankers are set to loose only the cup they try to win... how someone who is normal playing can win from a for example 160% tanker when he is only100% ....

    The tankers are destrying the fun of the game.....

    Nordeus just make tanking worth while....

    1) give tokens for the promoting teams (League standings...#1 100 tokens, #2 90 tokens.... until #8 30tokens.. and the not promoting team NO tokens..

    2) Also award the best players/top scorer / most assist standings in the league with extra tokens...

    Or make it happen that we can buy tokens with the game money we make in the league standings....

    I only agree for my self on tanking if you do not have time for a period of time like for example vacation time

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    During all these years i saw a lot of suggestions in this forum. Some of them are fulfilled but usually not for our managers sake but for nordeus. They only do that ones whose are useful for them. When they drive over transfer market and killed managers levels so anyone can compete to buy a player so why they cant remove manager levels because they dont give anything just disadvantages. Association system of levels are much more state of the art. I think its the way how league system should go.
    Its all about tokens now, tokens raining like frogs from the sky. One from here, another from there... Yes i agree that from all competitions you should get something like: top scorer or passer can get borders and some additional stats so everyone can see how good he was last year. And anyway all these old competitions: league, cup and champions league are so abandoned, no changes made here - it's like you can win it without any point of interest; oh, you can get a goblet - it was maybe fun when you just started a game.
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