Hey guys,

I think Top Eleven 2019 is coming soon, so I want to say 2 last ideas as a suggestion.

- 1st is adding press-conference room after and before games.
I think that communication in TE is at zero level, you can comunicate just in the Associations. Will be much better if you can share some advices between the managers.
- 2nd is the news in the league, cup and ucl. I already said this but I will say once more, News will say about who signed a new player, when will be a derby match like when are playing 1st vs 2nd in the league, when is cup final and between who and etc..

I am looking at all your ideas every day posted at the forum, so I guess Nordeus will use some of the ideas and add to the game as soon as TE 2019 arrives.

Good luck managers!