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Thread: Thoughts about Top Eleven

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    Thoughts about Top Eleven

    I'm closing ín on having played Top Eleven for 3 years now and have during this period of time gathered some thoughts about the game.

    I'm rather enjoying the game, which has become a part of my daily morning routine. But what I've come to realize is that without paying quite a lot of money, any chance of success in any of the different tournaments is very slim indeed. Escpecially as the the time you've got to train, improve the players condition and morale is very tight. This means you'll always have a lesser qualified team to play these matches, the more tournaments you participate in.

    You can then buy one of those gifted star spangled players. But the outcome is not long lasting and that player will surely lose a few stars at the beginning of a new season.

    This leads me to my questions. How does one prevent a player from deteriorating in value? Apart from the obvious by training them frequently.

    Have anyone had success worth mentioning in more than one tournament without paying for it?

    Is there any idea in gathering friends through the game for extra bonuses?

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    So you are from Dundalk ?
    Then I guess you can "farm" 25 greens daily (from vids).
    In that case you can have great success in competitions if you know how the game works.
    There are some good guides in Tutorials section.
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