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Thread: 7 features that need to be added to make the game more complete.

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    Lightbulb 7 features that need to be added to make the game more complete.

    Nordeus have done a good job of developing this game, however there are some things that must be addressed.

    1. Editing and customising jerseys and emblems.
    add more kit designs. The kit and emblem designs that are on the game aren't even realistic. Teams in real life don't even use those shapes as emblems. And why can't you customise shorts? Add a feature so that you can actually have your teams name on your emblem.

    2.Promotion and relegation systems
    Instead of 14 teams u should add 20 teams to each league. Maybe we could get separated in regions or servers and then there are about 3-4 league tiers in each region and you battle to reach the top tier of your region. Teams at the bottom of each tier get relegated to lower tier. And the top 8 teams of the top tier get a chance to face other teams from different servers or regions in the Champions League or Super Cup. This way, no one would care about the star loss every season, because once your in the top tier your team can no longer lose rating.

    3. Manager activity
    Add a feature where you can see when a manager last logged on. This way we can actually tell if we're competing with active managers.

    4. Transfers and youth academy
    In my opinion transfers should be completely reworked. There is a negotiation feature, but I don't think it works very well. You should be able to buy and sell players with teams in your server. Tokens shouldn't be spent on players, what's the point of cash then? Instead tokens should be spent on premium jerseys and stuff like that. Anyways, back to the point. Managers should be able to send transfer requests to other Mangers in their league or server/region. To prevent managers from overpricing players, every player will have a max value. There should also be a transfer window instead of just buying players whenever you want. Lastly, why do we have to pay to get our own youth players?

    5. world cup

    Since every season is 1 month, every 4 months there should be the world cup.

    6. Make ratings easier to understand
    Make ratings more like fifa instead of the stupid percentage thing. For example, you have an 80 ovr player at the start of the next season, he loses 20 and becomes a 60 ovr player. ( number 2 applies to this)

    7. Positions/tactics

    Are AML's or AMR's supposed to be wingers? And it would be a lot easier if you included CF as a position. Tactics are way to simple. It would be nice if you were able to select a specific player on your opponents team to be man marked. Also, there should be a feature where you can tell your players to play balls to a specific attacker. Other tactics should be added such as: Build up speed, shot frequency, crossing frequency, defensive shape(tight and compact or wide and spread out) etc.

    Extras: Increase of player condition is far too slow. It should increase 3% every hour. this way in 24 hours condition would be up to 72. Condition can get really tight when you have multiple games a day.

    P.s. This game is kinda pay-to-win.

    I hope you guys actually read this, as this will make your game more realistic and popular.
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    May I add smth here... Match Simulation option.
    Let us know how we perform vs oppo in a Test.
    Loosing no condition and gaining no skill %, nada, just a test option so we can practise b4 the upcoming important draw.
    Change tactic, test again and again... we win nothing, and lose nothing.
    We WIN experience on how to better prepare.
    This idea came to my mind few days ago, when I remember I've played a strategy long ago. We had there a "battle simulation" option.
    Anyway, T11 is a strategy kind game too, so a feature like this would not ruin the game, nor the money income for the company.
    Actually it wil make more ppl practise, think about it.
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