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Thread: More Fun???

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    Exclamation More Fun???

    I've seen a couple of ideas about 3-D matches and I even saw where someone replied that "he'd watch ROUND DOTS" When I saw it I 1st thought he wrote doughnuts😂😂😂 .

    My point or idea is that it is better to watch 2-D matches fully, that is throughout a match instead of highlights and then 3-D matches as the highlight this way the developers won't have to do much changing the system of matches or game, instead improve them (e.g it should look like EA FIFA's "vs attack") just 3-D higlights and more match statistics and tactics so as to add indepth to Top Eleven. This would also make the game mature, real, and so that those newcomers won't see the game boring. Please lets send this idea to feedback to the game support if you support it so as to make it a reality. Please don't forget to add your suggestions and rate this idea.
    Thanks for taking your time to read through!!!

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    If nordeus want to release a parallel (optional) version with 3D, I have no problem.
    But I don't want to buy a new mobile or lap top for playing TE 3D
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