These latest cosmetic changes are all well and good , I suppose they serve some sort of purpose. To me the purpose of the cosmetic changes only serve to try to deflect us away from the stuff that really needs attention.
1. Equalization in the match engine needs recalibration. While it is admirable for Nordeus to try to get closer competition at League level and when you consider how many teams are abandoned in each League it would be reasonably difficult to achieve. The current version of calibration is too heavily in favour of abandoned teams where fully operational teams that are superior in every way are getting beaten on a basis that is far too frequent. This is I believe the number 1 problem in the game today and needs to be addressed immediately.
2.Negotiations need to be looked at as well.The current situation where negotiations are only available in the final week of a season is totally ridiculous and unworkable. No manager will part with tokens for a player that will almost immediately be reduced in value by 20%. If negotiations were only available in the first week ,maybe even to halfway through the season would be more sensible. If you added into the scenario that a player may only be bought or sold twice in a lifetime would solve a lot of problems stemming from negotiations.
3.Youth players and academies are an area that this game has failed to utilize. This needs to be changed to allow a manager to order certain positional players and/or Special Abilities to become available. Add a reasonable cost as a premium (eg extra 5-6 tokens) for such players/abilities and I believe this would become a very good feature of the game.

These are just 3 concerns most managers I believe would rather see fixed/adopted than more cosmetic changes such as the ones in this update/release which really do nothing more that divert us from the real problems. Hopefully one day Nordeus will see what a great game they could have rather than the half finished project this game is becoming.