Remove Achievements
I think there is no point to the achievements since there is no reward tagged to it. And like supporting friends has not been working for along time. I believe if it is not worth maintaining it, might as well be done with it and remove it. Plus, some achievements aren’t real achievements, they kinda send a wrong message as well like bad habit. Using all tokens makes business sense so users will purchase tokens but is it really effective? It’s ruins players future seasons if they use every last token and might quit playing or create a new account instead

Remove National team trophies
Since it isn’t going to be a part of the game anymore, might as well remove it. It is such an eyesore and takes up an entire page. Not many people bothered with it anyway and we really just wanted the emblem and jerseys.

Enhanced stats

I really would like to see a Hall of fame. Like players in the server with the most trophies(for tankers), most trophies per season played(for non tankers). Important to note, trophies per season not trophies per level or only tankers will be listed again. If it could be separated by levels like hall of fame for levels 11 to 20 would be better and should only include players that have logged in in the current season. Hmmm, this might be difficult so we really do not want inactive player listed. It should be current! Nvm this.

Would also be great to have another enhancement to the stats page. Now we can see career matches and career goals. Can we add career assists and career clean sheets as well? I think assists are just as important as goals. Needless to say clean sheets for goalkeepers. And in all time stats, total clean sheets to represent all time best goalkeeper.

Average rating record seems to be kept since we can see it in the TOP 5 for every tournament drop down. How about letting us have that average rating statistic in our stats page for all our players. Right now all we have is their ‘Form’ to see the last five matches rating but we can’t tell our best performers real average rating unless we tabulate it ourselves. And form always rounds up or down to nearest full number.