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Thread: inno has lost their way

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    inno has lost their way

    Today i saw that inno has reduced the free rest packs from watching videos. A few days ago we saw that we need rest packs for daily bonus. The last 2 seasons they have changed the negotiations transfer system but actually they have destroyed it completely. These actions show me crystal clear that inno is trying to find ways to reduce the ''benefits'' of the players in order to make them spend money for tokens. I am absolutely sure that they are considering how to reduce the tokens players gain from associations, but they are afraid players reactions because associations have helped the game a lot.

    Gentlemen of inno i understand that you want to increase your profits but you are heading to the wrong direction. i am playing football manager games from 1995 and generally spending many hours in front of my laptop or phone playing various games. you need players to spend more time in game, to have them addicted. but when you destroy the negotiations system or the free rest packs, you make them spend less time in game because there is nothing more to do.

    You need to find the true reasons why players are not spending money or even worst are giving up playing. Make a poll and ask players what they dont like and what they want to change in order to improve game.

    As far as i am concerned, i was spending money for a long time (monthly card plus extra money often) but stopped doing it for more than 6 months and i have no intention to do spend again in future because i feel not treated with respect. As far as i am concerned, 2 are the strongest reasons to have dissatisfied players.

    1)draws for competitions are unfair. there must be a limit of maximum 10% in quality difference. this will make things more competitive and players will spend more money after the draw in order to increase their quality and get the upper hand. i am sick of tired playing every season against teams 20-30-40 even 50% higher quality than me.

    2)tanking. when some players who do tanking dont care about fair play and decide to play against some teams with normal formations and some others with losing formations. i have lost a few championships only because a tanker decided to do his best against me while he lost 10-0 or 12-0 against my competitors.
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    "less time in the game, because there is nothing to do."

    Hit the nail right on the head there.

    There is nothing to do anymore.
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    Tankers is the problem