All your last updates to prevent supermutants seem useless for me until devs keep ignoring negative values for skills and players.
I srsly can not understand why you even made this possible from the beginning,

Situation 1:

You have DC with shooting skill 18%.
Next season he'll lose 1 star and also -20% to all characteristics. Game will say he have 1% in shooting, but in fact it's -2%. And the next season he'll still have 1%, but in fact -22%. So you can train more of light skills with less overall player's quality and it's literally what's going on in associations last years. But what the hell all these negative values in football? Defender can be bad at shooting, but he can't miss the ball with -200%.

Situation 2:

One vietnamese manager from my level was total **** one year ago, but now he wins treble every month and both supercups already. Do you know how it's working?

For example, you need few very good trained players for every line - ST, AML, AMR, MC, DC - with overall quality 150-160%.
You also need to save some players for a half of year I guess, who have 1% overall quality (game says), but in fact they count like -60-80%.
So in the end of season with 5 players 150-160% and all others -50% your overall team quality will be 60-70% for real. In first day of next season you just buy ANY players instead of those 1%, because whatever all the show will be done by 5 guys. And in the last day of season you sell all of them, lefting only superscouts and all these pseudo "1%". Profit!

I have only one question: why the game allows negative values?
And even hides the truth. Many people srsly think that you can't go below this 1%.
If 1% will be a real minimum and you want all these supermutants with 300% skills, then you go for 180% overall team and play with same guys. OR (what even better in my opinion) you will max not all white characteristics for position, but only ones you need for your tactics. Maybe for this you also need to set max stat less than 340% and back faster training, but I really don't understand these negative values.
And I don't rly care about top-100, you can use method from situation 2 for getting treble every month - it's really working, go on, whatever. But there are so many problems with matchmaking and you nerfed negotiations to prevent farms (not really prevent, by the way).

P.S. Sry me english isn't very good, but I hope you understand what legal cheats your game has.
P.P.S. Oh, but you can't don't know about negative values, can you? And still keep making useless updates.