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Thread: Match Simulation ideas

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    Match Simulation ideas

    For the past time I have been thinking about the match simulations and how some of the plays made don't make any sense. Like your player would be infornt of goal and then pass to another player in an offside position or someone outside the box. Also there are times that your player would be clean through and then turn around to dribble or run straight to the keeper without taking a shot. I believe that the simulation should make more sense and related to real life as the game tries to portray real life. As mangers I believe we should have the freedom to choose how we want our teams to set up for set peices. Some ideas I have for the simulations are:
    -for tough matches, the losing team should at least show some fight and have some more long shot taken /even if they don't always score). Would make things more interesting
    -players stop passing back or into offside position when in the box, and should take the shot on which will lead to more GK saves (not necessarily) but at least to increase action
    -when players are running into the box, stop making them run into the keeper, either the hit a shot(all shots in that situation don't have to be on target) or they are fouled.
    -when in a position to take long shots, don't make the player wait to be tackled, because most times that's what happens. And make the keeper save more long shots.
    -give us the freedom to organize our teams for setpeices, this would be down b4 the match and cannot be changed during the match. (therefore we should be allowed to save multiple setpeice tactics.
    -and a higher team play bonus should mean better pases between teammates
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    my favorite is when keeper moving forward to the midle of the box wile side player hold the ball, and you know he will pass to someone in offside and cant do anything about it
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    My favorite are corners. If there are a lot of your players in the box, it's 80% goal for you, if little - opponent defenders clear it. Even when here are free kick from the side, it usual goal.