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Thread: different improvements

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    different improvements

    1- kindly show the result of the 1st CL / Cup match during the 2nd match in the result to calculate or see the goal difference without going out of match to find out what was the result of first match ...

    2- create a separate AUCTION only for 7 stars players from age of 18 to 29 ...

    3- Allow the manager to designate the players who shall receive the daily skill bonus because sometimes it goes to the 79% and 99% players who are set to be sold on negotiation and make them 80% - 100% without our agreement.

    4- show the exact number of tokens for those who have above 1 K same way you do for the green rests.

    5- convert money into tokens and rests (suggested many times before since many years and still waiting this option to be implemented)

    6- stop taking political side and add the flag of Palestine. the flag represent the identity of thousands of managers , so show them respect

    7- allow managers who don't use fackbook to upload their pictures

    8- Allow managers to gain a certain amount of skills in one click for a certain amount of tokens ( for example +50% finishing for player X for 50 tokens)

    9- create a page for the sponsors and allow managers to add their own club sponsors

    10- display a note about time: 1st half - 2nd half or the minute of the game from the home page without the need to join the match

    to be continued ....
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    agree about skill bonus completely wasted on some squad players, if its going to be designated at the very least it could to go to a first 11 team player not a 33 yr old sub
    the single button clink to give eg +50% finishing good idea but could contribute to mutants being built and would only benefit those with unlimited resourse to buy tokens etc
    maybe a system implemented a couple of times in season perhaps but not every day

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    Yessss. Escpecially to that no 6!

    work hard, play smart