Nordeus, as I posted earlier, backloading data at season refresh point to revert is not that technically difficult. And I also stated very clearly you do not have the manpower to fix player by player for so many teams on your servers.

And now you do exactly that to try becoming smart to fix some, keep some and end up ruining everyone’s team by randomising a minus % to players which you think it is ok to screw all.

Put everyone’s team back to the season refresh point before any further damage is done. Lots of managers could have lost a first leg cup tie anytime from now until you can fix properly.

Maybe you should actually delay the season by 1 day and start the season tomorrow to allow time to fix this all. The 1st day of week 4 always just have 1 league match, so you could allocate that match onto 1 of the other 27 days, and give some 20 greens to all managers to let them recover for that extra match.

As a game developer, you really should have done a lot better with sufficient internal testing done before any patch is updated. Disaster of this magnitude is difficult to pop up if more pre-planning work is done.