I have few suggestions to improve the game, not sure if these points have already been suggested here before:
1) History: We can have an option to see club stats such as all time top 20 goal scorer, assist providers, etc. Right now we just have only one top scorer and assist provider and there is no way we can remember other past legends' performances.
2) Club museum: where apart from showcasing trophies won, we can have an option to show short animation of club legends with their stats and performance...or maybe an article about their career and their contribution towards the club.
As per the implementatiin part, we can have statues of legends in a museum and when we click on the status/photo of a legend, it showcase article/animation of that legend.
3) Highlight: A highlight option in a match report through which we can see the highlight of the game even if we dont attend the match.

What do you think guys about these points???