I believe u guys read the feedbacks of people concerning the unfair and unbalance situation they encounter in the game.. It very wrong how you guys run this game you are making it uncomfortable and incompetent for people who don't use money to play this game.. What the point of playing an opponent who is above 20-30% different from you.. For fair competition people who use money to play should be in a league of their own especially the players that start the season with >120% overall while the dedicated one who plays n enjoy it for the fun of it but don't have money should be on a different league of theirs.. That way it will b more competitive and enjoyable to play where no match is a guarantee win.. If u guys continue with this unfairness u will loose alot of people interest cuz they are not gaining from it and when they win trophies they don't receive token as a reward so what's the point of data and battery consumption..