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Thread: Treatments for long time players

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    Treatments for long time players

    I currently have 1739 treatments and sure a few guys have many more - can they not come up with a way to use them other than for the odd youth academy coaches?? To buy 50 costs 46 tokens (same as rests and morale boosts). I'd happily swap them 500 for 46 tokens or similar, otherwise they are a total waste of time.

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    I've asked myself this same question but tell you what, it's not going to happen as you have suggested. I have more than 3500 treatment packs

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    That is have one way to use it..make as many as possible friendly match using your sub and reserve squad.. play around 10 friendly per day..u will get and extra around 280 green, and other booster per season..treatment booster will easily reduce because when doing friendly match, player will easily injured