Two of the new tasks in the Special Sponsor event are vaguely worded. Before we set off and either do the wrong thing or have the wrong idea about how to achieve the task(s) we need clarification.

Task 1 that needs clarification:
The below task states “Do 4 trainings with all DC, DL and DR...”. The part about needed to do the training with all defensive member (subs and reserves included) is clear. What is unclear is how many trainings have to be done? The task says “do 4 trainings” but the graphic shows 20 slots to be filled. I have done one such training and Only one slot gets filled in not one quarter of the entire accomplishment line.
My interpretation is that we have to do 20 trainings with at least 4 drills. Can someone please clarify if this is 4 trainings overall or 20 trainings that must include 4 drills?
Clarification needed on new Special Sponsor tasks-f7853740-89b9-47e9-9540-7bfd032156bf.jpg

Task 2 that needs clarification:
Clarification needed on new Special Sponsor tasks-226d3298-c43a-470b-94ae-2fb69465c668.jpeg
The tasks states earn [graphic] for A player yet it shows an increment of 3 slots to be filled. First do we only have to add one star - no matter the level - or do we need to add a 6th star? Second, do we need to add the star for ONE player (A player) or for three players?
My interpretation is that this task should be worded “Add A star for ANY three players.” Please clarify.