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Thread: Event matches (King of Kings, etc) having their own colour

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    Lightbulb Event matches (King of Kings, etc) having their own colour

    Friendlies and event matches have been assigned the same colour (white), so currently it's impossible to tell whether the match that is starting for one of your in-game friends and that you just got a pop-up notification for is:

    a. one of those meaningless friendlies (the ones they play against low level opposition just to improve player stats/collect greens)... in which they don't need any support for


    b. an event match (King of Kings, Friendly Championship, Tour event, etc)... in which support will help them

    ...unless you actually tap on the notification to enter the match and then tap again on the whistle icon (Highlights) to see whether it says 'FRIENDLY' or 'SPECIAL EVENT'/'FRIENDLY CHAMPIONSHIP' on there... which is time-consuming and a pain.

    Because of that, I would really appreciate it if event matches were assigned a different colour to the current white colour that they share with friendlies... so that one can quickly distinguish between a meaningless friendly that is safe to ignore and an event match where your friend will benefit from your support.

    Any colour not currently assigned to other competitions will do... yellow, purple or even bright pink! Just something other than white to be able to tell event matches apart from friendlies.

    Thank you.
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