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Thread: Youth academy

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    Youth academy

    Are youth academy players worth investing on?
    If yes, why? If no, why?

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    Mutant players are worth to try, of course. Mutant players can be created easily by investing on academy players, then training them hard. They can be shaped to be any type of player. But, creating mutant by academy players requires several seasons to that this invest's effect on the match scores would be apparent. There should be a great time to be spend to train the youngsters for seasons, with the absence of money.

    Consider the teams of top federations. They have only mutant players, or at least 2-3 of XI are mutant. Especially, they are vital determinants on the match scores in platin tournaments. I can't escape from conceding a goal by ST with 450 finishing ability.

    This unveils another difficult side of the game. Mutant players highly increases overall quality of the team. The game always pick opposing teams on same size. Competitions become much harder to be won. Players become wiser to be defeated.

    So, I conclude that investing on academy players would be a great challenge to the manager filled with ambition to get to the top of game.