Many of us surely had this issue before: being on a new server, whatever player we hold on 6* or more which we aren't satisfied with can't be sold and replaced, as none is able to see it on TL due to the max level we play at. So, what should we do if we would want to get rid of it? If a scout isn't needed anymore, or performs badly, after we spent 50 tokens and money on him, should we sack him to make space?

It's idiotic.

What i am thinking about is a automated market place for all the players not sellable via normal TL, where the sistem takes back your player and funds you back 90% of his original value. That way we could be able to actually make some sense into our market moves after all.

It's just idiotic having to be forced to keep a player for 2 seasons before selling it if he has 7*.