The current event (such Kings of King: Winter Thrones) and such kinds of recent events are not compatible to gamers. Two hourly system makes the gamers' health destroy, and existing three phases is unfair arrangement for some gamers. The last phase is only for super mutant creators. Regular rating teams cannot compete with mutant players so there is almost hopeless to get first place for regular rating teams. So, Nordeus should take VERY FAIR TEAM ARRANGEMENT to all events. Nordeus should not take overview on rating of teams (cos mutant teams can hide with low overall team rating). Moreover, not all gamers need to play such health destroying event. Reward are only for mutant creators. All reward are SAME in such of all events and therefore we don't need them. The event should have ONLY TWO PHASES!! Nordeus is very intelligent to make the game MONEY! Finally, Nordeus will not take responsibilities of our health, cos they only do care for the MONEY.

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