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Thread: Associations thats cheat for an easy draw. The solution.

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    Associations thats cheat for an easy draw. The solution.

    Most of the world top 10 Associations are managers who field a weak side in order to secure an easier draw.
    they simply leave thier assoc at the end of the season leaving the captain last to leave once everyone else rejoins to reset the score and get lower opposition,
    coupled with fielding their weakest eleven to manipulate the draw.

    I suggest the following to counter this and help genuine managers reach the top instead tiring of the cheats and leaving the game.

    1. Anyone leaving an association is not permitted to rejoin it until the full season new season has finished (4 weeks)
    this then prevents cheats from resetting their assoc data.

    2, Any assoc team not fielding their strongest team for the draw automatically assigns the whole assoc with an extremely difficult draw (i.e one cheats they all suffer).

    3. These measures would signal an end to the corrupt culture at the top of the association tree, at the beginning of every new week the top 10 world associations generally have managers leaving and rejoining.(hence applying step 1. ect).

    4. Why not have relegation places (i.e 13/14th place), many tankers are happy tanking as there is no punishment for them , having relegation spaces means more incentive to stop tanking and possibly the threat of there star players losing % or leaving the club or even financial penalties.
    Please take these measures into consideration for the greater good and fairness to everyone.

    Hope to hear back soon..
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