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Thread: The New Update - Possible Improvement

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    The New Update - Possible Improvement

    So far the update I am pleased with is the new year 2021 update. From the introduction of the weather conditions down to pitch patterns and the on fire thing. I thinks it's a great update so far from the team. I commend you for this.

    However, I have one or two suggestions for the team which I think would be ideal and welcomed by other managers too.

    1. The team should make the weather look more realistic by ensuring that on a rainy day, there should be raindrops on the field just like how snow was dropping in the last update.

    Should also be same during cold weather and on a day of hot weather, the shadow of the players should be glaring on the pitch.

    2. Jerseys should be designed for bother players and goalkeepers that would be ideal for all weathers. I know it's a way of generating profit as well.

    3. Lastly, when a GK is substituted during a game, always make a GK jersey shown on the screen rather than the player jersey for a GK.

    Would be looking forward to the implementation of these suggestions if not all but some.

    Above for the attention of all admins and moderators. Thank you!

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    Hello.....i play this game for 9 years now, and some of updates are great but others just made the game not very balanced between players with lots of money and players with not so much money to spend.
    Now we ca trade players between other game players only in the end of the season. WHY???
    In the first years of this incredible game we could trade when ever we wanted.
    Even if you mark a special season why not in the start of the season and in the midle.
    If you guys do that you will still have lots of paying players and lots of the others. And the games will be more balanced between all.
    Lots o people are quiting the game because its easy to know who as money and who doesn't.

    For example you could give every player the possibility to buy only 4 players on trading season. But put the trading season in the start of the season.
    Like this the games will be more balanced and still people will want to spend money in tokens.
    Because being more balanced it makes players want to buy more players.
    As you have now more and more people started to not spend money.

    Thank you for listening....
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