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Thread: Current layout of the Grounds is poorly designed

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    Current layout of the Grounds is poorly designed

    1. The medical facility should be equidistant from the Stadium, Training Grounds, and Youth Academy
    (ie, all areas in which sports activities would occur and thus possibly produce injuries)

    SOLUTION: swap the current location of the Medical and Utilities areas.
    Doing so has the added benefit of placing the Utilities near the river, providing better views, and hence a more pleasing experience for patrons.

    2. The Utilities area should be placed between the Parking area and the Stadium to increase foot traffic both before and after matches.
    (In contrast to their current locations on opposite sides of the Stadium hence requiring greater efforts for patrons to access the Utilities).

    SOLUTION: after swapping the Medical and Utilities areas, per above, subsequently swap the Stadium and Training areas.

    Note: same effects could be provided by simply swapping the current locations of the Parking area and Youth Academy, but I like the Utilities close to the river.

    3. The above comments clearly indicate that the author of this note is either a completely obsessive, delusional psychopath, has waaayyy too much time on their hands, or quite possibly both.

    Thank you.
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