Maybe a lot to ask but the reason I play Top Eleven is the realistic graphics so a few suggested improvements.

Imagine a 3d Match of sort and where nobody has ever gone before, a little like Dream Like Soccer in play graphics but with the stadium actually being built as you were improving it. So a stand missing and covered up while been built or the scaffolding and crane work of a stadium been built. A lot to ask.

The downside of Top Eleven is the fact you don't have even playing field in levels. I'm Level 11 but so many teams have spent alot of coins and money to build teams that are too strong so you feel demotivated unless your willing to spend on coins.

The ageing process is too quick and unfair if you spend money on a player and it seems they don't improve a huge amount after 21. That needs to be improved and fairer. If I pay 17.99 for 40 coins to buy a good player I want that player to have a presence for a few seasons.

I don't like the downgrade of players after a season and level up. Your players don't end up in a long career or been valuable for years up to retirement.

Great game. I'd love to stay at it. I fear I'll drop out demotivated at inability to win much.