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Thread: Player information (games, yellow and red cards, goals, etc.)

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    Player information (games, yellow and red cards, goals, etc.)

    I was wondering if one of those responsible for the game can meet these fundamental requirements in the "Club" option.
    It would be nice to be able to follow the evolution of my players instead of clicking it individually.
    I appreciate the attention.

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    Well, I have asked for a few times to have the player stats screen to show both CL and SL numbers at the same time so that we can seen the players total scores, assists etc., not just the CL if we play in CL currently or just SL stats when we are in SL.

    I also asked to have total club assists in the stats, not only the current season’s assists.

    Both are very easy to implement, they are recorded on the background anyway, but Nordeus just don’t change that. Your suggestion seems a different way to see these stats if I understand correctly.