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Thread: Replace AML/AMR with LW/RW

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    Replace AML/AMR with LAF/RAF and LB/RB with LWB/RWB

    Hi, I have been playing top eleven for a while now, when I started playing there was the DML/DMR position before it was completely removed from the game. Now the AML/AMR which is a mirror position on the attacking side of the pitch is still in the game which makes the game dynamically unbalanced for oldies like me. Thinking about it now, it was never balanced, there wasn’t a position in attack to match LB/RB. I think there should be a left attacking forward(LAF) / right winger(RAF) and the AML/AMR completely removed from the game like DML/DMR was. This new positions (LAF/RAF) is going to match the LB/RB in defense and should be color coded red to represent an attacker like the ST position so then the game looks balanced both aesthetically and dynamically or better yet new colors for the different wing positions. They should also be able to play the ST position on the pitch or make the LB/RB position not able to play the DC position seeing as ML/MR can’t play the MC thereby making all wingers stick to the wings, but still allowing LB/RB play ML/MR, the new LAF/RAF play ML/MR and then ML/MR can still play both the defensive and attacking wings (I mean the small yellow triangles when a player is not playing his preferred position). Now if the new LAF/RAF can play ST, ML/MR should be able to play MC.
    Also change LB/RB to LWB/RWB (left wing back/right wing back) respectively. They stay green and depending on if LAF/RAF and ML/MR would be allowed to play center positions on the pitch they can/can’t play the DC position.
    Thank you.

    Probably just my OCD acting up, lol. But I think whoever is reading this gets the picture and can use my idea to make the game more appealing.
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