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Thread: Game time change

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    Game time change

    I’m coming to report an episode that happened to me this week.
    Last Monday at 22h00 I’ve closed the T11 App thinking that the next League game would take place at 21h02, local time, of the next day (Tuesday), which was the defined schedule. On Tuesday I’ve logged in at 06h00 and realized that the League game had already took place at 04h30. Means that, as the game were away, my opponent has anticipated the game 16 hours and 30 minutes. How is it possible?
    So, 6 hours and 30 minutes before this game I didn’t have knowledge of its existence in that timeline. Therefore, I didn’t have the chance to be present.
    My question is: There’s no minimum time required to change the game time in order to let the opponent have the chance to see the change? I mean, the home team could only be allowed to change the game time until 24h before the scheduled time, or at least 12 hours.

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    With game schedule re-arrangement, as long as the home team is willing to pay 2T, our opposition can arrange it at anytime (as long as it does not fall within 15 minutes of his or our other competitive matches).

    Both home and away team, be it in a league, CL or Cup, would face each other once with such possible home ‘advantage’. It is a very common strategy to set our home game at a very awkward time for opposition (say 4am for the away team - it is close to a certainty that the away manager could be sleeping, hence would not be attending), and even smarter to do it as late as possible to maximise this possible advantage.

    Both home and away teams can do this exact same strategy at a 2T cost, so there is no unfairness. Plus we always get push notifications for any competitive matches starting too - so we alway do know if match time for re-arranged. If anything, you missed the notification when you did not check the push notifications when popped up at that time.

    Hence, it is not a bad idea to log on for a minute or 2 every 4-5 hours to check for any possible schedule changes for an important away match on those matchdays. Worth a little bit of extra precaution and tiny effort with decisive ties.
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    Goal Rush and similar events used to start early in the season, but now they start later to make it more difficult to finish, because if they keep you from scoring, you won't get very far. In any case, they provide us very little and make it tough for us to have fun, enjoy ourselves, and even win something in this game.