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Thread: The Improvement on the Match Animation Display

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    Lightbulb The Improvement on the Match Animation Display

    I want to make suggestion about the Match Animation display which I think the movement of the 2D player is not really resemble how the real football player play the game like how and where to pass, the pass and cross trajectory, the build-up play, etc. And the animation is not really represent the tactic that we already arrange for the game.

    I really hope the developer can take my suggestion and improve on the match animation cause since it is a football tactical game, it should show and represent the tactic that already arrange and to represent on how the real football play in the real life too.

    What makes me really a bit disapointed is when the player do switch play from one side to another side which the trajectory of the pass and the movement is not resemble how the game being played in real life. Please take this as a consideration since I really love this game and I want this game to be more attractive to enjoy.

    P.S. The animation doesn't have to look 3D like PES or FIFA, keep it 2D with circle is okay as long as how the player move, how the player do the build-up, and how the player defend is really represent the actual tactic but still resemble the real life gameplay is okay for me.
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