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Thread: Player mentality at the goal box

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    Player mentality at the goal box

    Plz work on the players mentality at the goal , player alone gets the ball and instead of atleast trying the keeper passes it back behind it's just crazy it's he rather shoot off target

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    They do some idiotic things. sometimes I am really perplexed, by players that have a very high percentage and do things that any player at that level in real football would never do, I know exactly what you are saying. They do some very idiotic things. What the heck is creativity? they do the same things over and over again, not very creative even for those players who have that at a high percentage. It's mind-boggling. Once in a great while, you see some creative moves and usually in friendly games not so much in regular matches. Today I was shocked, one of my midfielders actually did a heal pass to the player behind him, I was amazed, but it's very rare. Often they miss the craziest opportunities. Lately my main scorers can't seem to score with an empty net.