I liked so much the idea of ​​the nursery in the training category (great idea! But .... You cannot train a player in only 2 stats for 15 days ... it makes no sense ... it would be mid-season and does not improve in the other stats)
-the rest of the players is too slow, you can do a maximum of 3 workouts a day otherwise they arrive dead at the games and you are forced to use rest packages.
-After high levels, the money are useless. Because you make a lot of money but you are very limited by tokens. Obviously, those who spend money are more advantaged than those who show time and dedication to a game.
- honestly it would be more beautiful and realistic by replacing the tokens with money. This game is very beautiful but it needs some changes so as not to make it frustrating for people who non-spending money. And in my opinion the game need more focus on training. And it would also be nice to see the same player always on the 5 stars for at least ten seasons too .. because after 3 seasons it is already to be thrown away.