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Thread: What happened?

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    What happened?

    For many weeks now, most of my games have ended like this. It's no fun anymore. I have trained 3 strikers with thousands of greens for example, it makes no difference anymore. I am active and present in contrast to my opponents and I am the loser. My squad is full of playstyles while my opponents have almost none. There is no difference! What a joke! Almost everything has no effect.

    The consequence will be that i won't spend any money from now on. Im expecting Entertainment for my money. But only my opponents get some fun lol. The opponent constantly scores with just one shot on goal.

    Will it continue to be like this I'll end my career and you'll have one more less player. And you've got plenty of that already, a lot of my friends have already quit. It's a shame how a great game keeps getting ruined.What happened?-image0.jpgWhat happened?-image1.jpgWhat happened?-image2.jpgWhat happened?-image3.jpg
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