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Thread: some thougth from newbie

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    some thougth from newbie

    Haii.. Im Kang from MOkodo FC play at Level 4 right now..

    hope from this forum we can share all our great ideas for the improvement of the game from nordeus.

    at this 1st thread i write, i want to say some ideas as i feel from playing this game for several month.

    1. can u guys make notice on the friendly button that provide in this apps, please make a schedule approval 1st from the manager before it start play friendly games, as it take 30 minute before start. i mean before start the game make direct approval 1st from the manager before the game play. becouse i think its annoying when the player stamina is in low meters, mean while i`m resting the player so it can be full before the real competition game played. so it wont waste time resting for the player.

    2. can u guys make 1 more league/cup additional that we among FB friend only can make our own competition??

    3. about TOken that the Living factor for this game to develope Club, can i suggest this. When we sell our player not only get money from the selling, but we get the token as well, maybe we share (50:50, club:admin) the token result from this selling. example : I sell player then other manager that bidding for that player it use their tokens to bid. at this bid, containing maybe alot token (more than 1). prabably its best for everyone that from early get the player before also give alot token for the bid so we manager of the Club will get the advantage for this selling.

    4. Ground stadium update from Android phone, hope very soon get update. (LOL) tired to open laptop.

    so far this idea i have in mind, well actually still a lot but those i write is the ideal thought i want to share for this developing game at this forum.

    Hope hear very soon replay from u guys.


    Kang Brompitt.

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    I moved your other thread with more responses in the Suggestions forum, so I'm closing this one to avoid duplicates