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Thread: I cannot watch my replays

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    I cannot watch my replays

    I cannot watch my goal replays although I built the Video Wall. What are the other requests to unlock the replay highlights?

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    i've encounter the same problem. been an apple user for long time just recently start to use android phone.
    and somehow all matches in top11 have no option to rewatch/share match highlights after match ended, where i can view normally in apple devices.

    i recently purchase android phone, motorola to be precise.
    it comes with stock android and it has this thing call motorola gametime.

    in apple it's just like assistive touch menu floating around the screen, and this apps can screen record, screenshot, connect to twitch, block calls, text etc.

    and this is probably the reason why the rewatch/share menu isnt available to some android users.

    you guys should mention your device so nodeus can find a work around this to help make this function and feature available to all.
    my device is moto g82 with android version 12.

    edited: nah nvm, i finally re-read the old announcement, this rewatch/share option is only available to iOS/apple user only

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