I think it would be a great feature to give players a nickname to be shown instead of a first and last name, or along with a first and last name. Maybe your creative and come up with something yourself, or you use something that is already seen in the real world such as “Neymar”, “Marquinhos”, or “Vitinha” to name a few with nicknames. Making someone's first name “Neymar”, and their last name “Jr”, currently only shows up as “N. Jr” in matches and not “Neymar Jr” or “Neymar” and this is something I personally dislike to my taste. It’s not the biggest deal, but I think it’d be nicer to see a little more of a player’s name at times. An easy way around the feature can be the allowance of applying only a last name when setting up a player’s new name, as it currently forces you to put something in both name fields. The, what I think, better way around this is of adding the name field for “Nickname”, which is what would show up for that player in matches and games. Nothing perfect, but I’ve made an example, attached below, on how a simply nicknamed player could look.

Thank you TE,

Player Nicknames-unnamed.jpg