I had mentioned this on another thread but thought it might be an idea to post here.

Would Nordeus be able to split up teams based on their spend each month. Obviously there are people who spend hundreds of dollars/pounds/euros etc each season while there are people who can only spend a minimal amount.

One of the biggest complaints I see is about the inability to compete when you get matched up with teams whose owners clearly spend vast sums.

I'm sure Nord can identify who spends what (maybe I am wrong in this thought) so perhaps servers could be split accordingly. ie one set for owners who spend big and another set for owners who don't spend more than say, 20 dollars(or equivalent) per season or maybe even a 3rd set of servers for people who don't spend anything at all.

I'm aware you are a business and making profit is your main goal, but it might help your customers be happier playing the game if they knew they had a chance of competing each season and might help with player retention.

Some might argue that it's realistic in the sense that Manchester City can spend billions while Hamilton Accies (low/mid level Scottish team) can't spend more than a few thousand, but the reality is that Hamilton have never aimed to compete with Man City but can hold their own playing against similar opposition.

Just an idea. :-)