I believe that the game is rigged to make players' morale tank for no reason, How can a player ( besides not playing regularly, that's understandable) get a 9 score two goals in a game, and go from morale of great to good? The guy ought to be on fire instead morale goes down. Please stop doing this to us because we do not have endless resources and money to constantly increase player morale when there is no good reason, Please correct the internal computers and make them more manager-friendly and less $$$$$$ Nordeus. In addition, let me say that both the youth academy and training academy are ridiculously priced. You need to adjust the resource prices for these they are way too expensive for that amount or less we can buy players in scouting for Pete's sake. how can you say it's even fair? I understand that the object of the game on Nordeus' side is to make money, I just want to say if you gave more affordable and even free resources you would make more money because managers would use the resources more and in the long run spend more. One last thing many of the special sponsors are ridiculous tasks that are not possibly or easily obtainable without once again spending a ridiculous amount of resources. You need to change things and make these things much, much more manager friendly. On my end, I am getting a bit frustrated and thinking of quitting playing because I feel the game is not balanced to favor players. Sorry, one more thing, the loss of 20% for every promotion is also ridiculous, If a manager sends effort and time and resources and $ to get where they do you think it's fair to penalize them to be promoted, besides, in reality, a team only gets promoted to a better league but there are not an infinite amount of leagues. At max, there are three maybe four league promotions before one hits the top. If a person qualifies for the CL then in reality they already are in the top league. For example, in Italian football, you go to the CL ONLY if you are in Serie A which is the equivalent of Premier or Bundesleague etc. If you want to make the game realistic you need to change it and make it more realistic. The game should go like this you start in Serice C for example and you promote to the first three if you do not qualify you to remain there in the first three or four and get promoted in Serie B the last three or four of B get relegated in C and so on all the way to A, then when you get in the A league then you qualify for the CL or the Cup. If you do not win the league or qualify for CL first 4 than Cup qualifies for the next four you can have an in-league cup also where everyone can play during the season and win a league cup. If a team remains between fourth and four to the last they remain in that league then they can try to build their team season after season to be promoted. This way you will have a more realistic and fair game. Only those who do not get promoted lose % and it should be a lot less than 20%. It should be a merit scale in other words if a team gets promoted from c to b they retain the quality they have because the teams in the league they just got promoted will already be stronger or at least close. If a team does not get promoted it should lose percentage points based on its standing and if a team gets relegated then they lose 20% and have to try to get promoted again. Once you arrive in the A or Premier then the games and all resources should be harder to get for everyone so managers have to improve their teams either to win, qualify for cups or remain in that league. The loss of percentage should be a punishment and not a reward, you are doing this all backwards. I understand that this would require a big change in the way the game is programmed but it would make it a much better and fairer game. Plus, there are way too many games to play in an unrealistic way. Therefore the teams that did not qualify for cups can simply fight to get promoted or qualify, This is real football and you can still make the same if not more money with these changes. Just some suggestions, if I knew how to program or had the resources I would create such a game, it would be much better, Thanks for considering at least some of the suggestions