This season there are some awful players in the auctions and very expensive for their quality. I wonder how people buy their players, I don't think they even look carefully to the skills, they keep upping the bids immediately, that is crazy because people could get players for a lot less money and tokens if people would stop upping a bid by 10 tokens immediately, sometimes I look the player just became available and there are already bids for 10 tokens, it's insane. Anyway, players are horrible and expensive this season, when I say awful I mean not the actual percentage quality but then when you go look at the skills they are not very good skills. An MC at 98 % that does not even have PASSING, the number one skill of a MC at 100 is not a good purchase, and all other roles have very poor skills. for the price and percentage. ON A WORSE EVEN NOTE NORDEUS PLAYS GAMES WITH US IN THE AUCTIONING OF PLAYERS THAT COME OUT OF THE YOUTH ACADEMY, THEY HOLD BACK A PLAYER FOR A LONG TIME TO MAKE US LOWER THE PRICE OR SELL THE PLAYER OUTRIGHT TO AN AGENT SO THEN THEY CAN SELL THE PLAYER FOR THE ACTUAL PRICE THEY ARE WORTH, THEY ARE TRYING TO UNDERCUT US AT ALL TURNS, I DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHY I CONTINUE PLAYING