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    Lightbulb Improving Portuguese Translation

    Hello, Nordeus team,

    I don't know how, or who, makes the game's translation, but the Portuguese translation seems off at times, to the point of, when trying to complete the special sponsor activity, they're not really detailed, sometimes even giving completely wrong instructions.

    "Sign a player Academy Coach of duration of at most 4 days", translated to the equivalent of: "Sign a Youth Academy coach (...)".

    Between ourselves, Portuguese speakers, we manage to get to the correct instructions by helping each other on Facebook or any other channels of communication, but I know there are much more players that do not frequent those places and are left clueless regarding the correct instructions. Not to mentions smaller translation problems in other parts of the game, which aren't as bad as the ones mentioned above, but still need to be addressed whenever you update the translation.

    If your team of translation need help, please let us know since there are lots of Portuguese Speakers in the game that would gladly help fixing those smaller mistakes.


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    Hey Manager, we'll take this feedback to the Team! Thank you so much for sharing and your help!