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Thread: About inactive Bronze and Silver associations

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    About inactive Bronze and Silver associations

    I think there has to be changes in regard to the absurd amount of bronze and silver associations available to join. There's just too many and pretty much all of them have only one or two members making them useless because they can't compete in tournaments. One solution could be having a minimun level requirement to create a new association, such as 15 or 20, that way there's gonna be less inactive associations because more players are gonna be left only with the option to join an already existing association, and therefore there will be more competitiveness. Another solution I can think right now could be the merging of associations with up to two members that are active players on other aspects of the game, lowering the inmense ammount of offer on the association market, producing as I said before more competitiveness. I hope these ideas help improve the only aspect of the game I find with a serious problem right now. Thanks for reading

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    no need to make changes regarding this issue.
    people make this inactive association because they dont want to play associations and getting invites and notifications every 5minutes on their phone from everyone if they dont have association yet.
    inactive association (less than 4members) wont be enter to weekly association.

    you probably dont know this but some people play top11 just for normal weekday competition like league, cup, superleague, CL, and event. not association.

    i guess you're new here since you just join this forum and this is your 1st post but there're nothing wrong here.
    if you find this inactive association annoying, you can just move on and search for active one.
    they're there for people who dont want to play asso on weekdays (they just want to enjoy their weekend without facing top11 matches)
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