New season is coming...

You begin to think and remember the time consuming rigorous process of bidding & bidding & bidding for new players in your team.

4 minutes being wasted over & over & over again. You go to go to work you're busy tomorrow you'll continue.
Only you just lost a cup match & you out of the cup competition it's not your fault but because you couldn't get the right quality of players.

Sad 😢

Is there a better alternative?

Yes... It's already in the game. Lol

So why do we still use auctioning & bidding so much? It's cause.... is discouraged by the game developers

Now I want you Sir/ma close your eyes, see yourself placing an offer for a player and going away to do whatever you want to do more important task. And before 24 hours the players you made an offer for are either yours declined or their manager is requesting a renegotiation.

How good is that interesting right 2.
I. It's easy time saving II. Increasing manager interaction what's better than that???...

How can we make this work?

1. If For understandable reasons the game developers choose to leave the transfer negotiation (TN) feature till every last weekend/week of the season. Which is a funny decision. Then players rating of 119 should be considered as max @ same normal price.

Why? At the end of the season the player lose 20 remaining 99% rating that'll mean we'd have signed a quality player for the upcoming season.
Secondly that'll make it more enticing to sign any player @ the last week/weekend of the season!

Another option is we should be allowed to sign players with minimum of 119 rating max and they'll be delivered to us at the new season when the transfer window close as 99 rating e.g if you sign a player of 108 by next season you'll receive the player as 88 rating. Though you won't have access to this player till the new season.

Final option is the game developers open the Transfer Negotiation (TN) window every weekend of all seasons. This way player can look forward to it and we can sign players with max of 99% without any scare of the players loosing a whole star and turning to 79 by a new season.

How do you make this work even better.

Currently the payment arrangements by the game developers is ok.
Though there should be other options to enhance the feature e.g.

A lock & unlock options.
Managers you can be able to lock players you seem not for sale and even still receive and review and even renegotiate offers for locked players.

Newly signed players should be auto locked until another season. All players should all be unlocked until the manager locks them except the new players signed @ that season.

I'm about to reveal to you why this feature is the most important way to revive the negotiation feature. This is where we know if the game really cares about it's users. I write this to you with just 3% of my battery.

When players are unlocked they can easily be transferred if there's no objection by their manager.

How? When you make an offer for any of my unlocked players there should be option of renegotiation or refusal of your offer but this will last for only 24 hours

When the time elapses and is finished the player is transferred to his new team and the payment Token & cash to the selling manager if the manager doesn't renegotiate or refuse.

Can it be any easier?
Now you can spend time on the game and spend time focusing on other things.

Support this if this is what you also desire and if you tired if the time consuming rigorous auction process too🥺😍