Allowing adding friend by ID, I'm unable to find that function even thou we all have an ID.
Allowing your youth in your team to be able to enter youth academy to train.
Allowing to leave your associations anytime
Allowing our ground(Utilities) to make money by selling food to the public as well because Finances is too slow
Allowing more quest to unlock more to earn strong players, rest token and etc for people to last long in the game not just spending money so this game do not die so soon. I played this game for 2 days i already finish all my quest at onboarding and I'm bored of it already because special sponsor take too much and doesn't give good players.

I love this game when I just started but it's like so many others games, doesn't attract me long enough to try out another new games. Hopefully when i come back next year more quest will be there

Goodbye top Eleven