I recently got paired in the CL group stage with another manager whose team is overall pretty normal, having players ranging from 91% to 120% on his initial 11 for every game. Except one single ST player that has 170% overall quality (with 234% heading, 243% passing, 212% dribbling, 266% shooting, 339% finishing and 200% speed, besides having over 130% on some grey skills).

What am I supposed to do against someone like that? He plays with 6 defenders (DL, DCx2, DR, DMCx2) and 3 midfielders that basically stay in the very back aswell only to play long passes to the broken piece of an alien that is the ST. It's no fair having a team like that and you guys should do something to regulate things like this from happening.

I log in every day to have a strong and balanced team with players from 105% to 123%, only to be beaten to a guy that only focuses on one player and breaks the logic of the game itself.

So how should this be solved? Maybe limiting this difference in quality of players withing the same team, so you can't have a player that has over 40% overall quality more than the worst player in your initial 11 formation. If not, things like this happen. It's like Lionel Messi joining a team in the 3rd division of Uganda, the disparity is outrageous.