Hello, everyone!

I think that there should be a balancing system in Top-Eleven for the championships.
For example, I've got into a Championship where the worst team (14-th place) is a five-star rated team with players in normal position. I mean, that team is better than some of the top 4 teams in some championships. Now, it is understandable that the championship shouldn't be a pushover, but I think it is not normal to fight for 8th place with a 5 star and a half-team. I mean, this could easily be a championship of teams of one level higher or even two levels higher(there are also some 6 star teams).

There should really be three star and two star teams in a championship to allow yourself to rest some players without needing to use 1000 green bags if you are a high-achiever looking for a triple trophy for example.

A solution would be to split all the clubs of a certain level (say level 43 in my case) in fourteen evenly split groups depending on the average quality of the best 11 players (to avoid people taking advantage by putting their worst players as the main squad). For example, in the first group you get all the 7+ star teams (the very best), while in the last group you get probably teams that are barely two stars (the worst). Then, in each championship they should put one team in each group such that to promote, you need to be better than roughly half of all teams in your level.

Looking forward to see more balanced championship in the future