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    Decent time

    It would be nice if you put the games at a decent time to be able to play the games for both teams. I'm not going to watch a game at 4:30 in the morning, since I'll be sleeping...Try to set the time at a decent time for both teams and not just for 1 since it's not an even match.

    Thanks you.

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    Hey Yofersky, thanks for sharing this feedback. Top Eleven is played all around the world and connecting different countries is bringing competitiveness and excitement to the game. This can also sometimes mean matching two different time zones. Even though the system takes into account Managers' time zones, unfortunately it is not always possible to assure a convenient time for all parties. We know that it can happen for the matches to be scheduled at night or working hours, but it is in a good sportsmanship. Good thing is that when you're a Home team, you can adjust the match time to your schedule. Good luck in the upcoming matches!