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    Is there not a way of selecting 64 teams that are within 5% of each other to make it more interesting and more reliant upon team selection and skill to progress? The current method just seems lazy. I am 50% stronger than my 1st round opponent and 30% stronger in the next round. It is boring.

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    yes boring for you and greatly frustrating for us who are the ones 30% weaker and have no chance of advancing, so, yes I am with you on this one this happens even in the groups in Super League and CL and also in Leagues. It's not only frustrating, but it's also unfair, The pairing should be in base on the total and individual % of the team and players. Both need to be taken into consideration because there are some managers that have found a way to cheat, being that they have 5 to 6 key players that are say 140% and the others who are at 75% and less bringing the total team percentage down considerably and being able to compete in levels they ought not to be because a team in that condition is UNBEATABLE 98% of the time. I had the experience my team's total was 123% his 123.5 % he won 4-0 and then he at 131% and me at 128.5 and lost 2-1. in any event teams should never be more than 15 % stronger in any competition and teams and players ought to have limits in every level as to how much % they can gain. If a person has much money to spend they can build a team that never falls under 130-140% and therefore be unbeatable in certain levels. In addition, there should never be a team of another level playing. They should make two categories of the game, they should divide it un paying and free. The free part should have a limited amount of buying resources and more free rewards in competitions in essence the way they do in the association competition. The payer side le them pay for almost everything and gives them few free resources. This would be altogether a fairer system. If you and I try to compete by spending little money and depending more on free resources then we would be much closer in team quality than those who pay a lot of real money and become the winners of everything.
    In conclusion, they need to also fix their AI algorithms and stop interfering so much with the outcomes. The outcomes are not based solely on preparation, morale, or training percentage, instead we are at the mercy of the AI algorithms as they set them each season. Of course, a team that is 140% 98% of the time will win, however, I noticed this is often not the case in my case, I have lost often with weaker and even strength teams while winning little in the same situation. I cannot even remember the last time I won against a team that was 20% or even 15-t0 12% stronger. I am in a Super League group where two of the teams are 123 and 128.3% so do you honestly think that I will pass the group phase? It's useless to even bother.