I think it should be possible to organize small tournaments between friends, a competition of just 4 or 8 people, in a knockout scheme. Why is that?!? First of all, because i subscribed this game mostly to play against my friends, however im not even in their league so i have no competition against them. And that makes me lose my mood and motivation to play it. In the other hand, a lot of people are eliminated from the Cup and the Champions League.. and then they have only 1 game per day of the championship. Besides, there are 4 days in the end of the season that they will not play.
So what im suggesting is that one person could organize one tournament of either 4 or 8 people by inviting other people. The players willing to play it should have to pay a small amount of money that later would be split by the winner and the 2nd place.
Like this we could challenge our friends from other leagues and the game would become much more addictive!
what do you think people?!?