To whom it may concern if you even ever read any of this, probably not. This game has become a joke. The pay-to-play nature of this game even with the few ways allowed to get free resources has totally ruined the fairness of the game. The game is not set up properly, to begin with. In each category reached, there should be a limit to how much a team and even singular players can reach in terms of percentage. It is IMPOSSIBLE to compete against teams that are 20 to 30% stronger and do not come and give me any story about they are beatable, They can be ONLY IF the AI computer algorithm says they are and that is a lottery that happens one time out of 100 and seemingly NEVER for your team. The leagues ought to be set up as they are in real football in other words you promote only if you are the first 4 the last 4 get relegated and the rest stay in the same category, so let's say you are at level 9 and do not promote you stay in level 9, you promote to level 10 only if you are in the first 4. The last 4 relegated to level 8 and lose one star only. The teams that promote DO NOT lose stars.
As I said for each level of league and cup competitions the teams must be in a percentage that is within 10 from all others and there has to be limited to the strength of each team and individual players because there are some players that learned to cheat and get away with it. For example in order to APPEAR to be of a certain percentage some make 6 key players of very high percentages and the others of very low ones so that the total team has a percentage similar to others but in reality, becomes practically unbeatable by teams that even have a higher total percentage. For example, a team can be let's say 125% but have 6 key players that are 150% and better while the others are 3 to 4-star players which brings the total percentage to be lower and yet they cannot be beaten because the stronger players can easily outplay an entire team that is totally even in percentage even a higher one than theirs. It's a scam and Nordeus needs to OUTLAW these practices.

I have been beaten by weaker teams but never seem to be able to beat stronger ones, one must ask why? Tactics, formations? No way! It's the game that decides who will win but there seems not to be any real rhyme or reason to how the AI algorithms decide. I truly believe that when the new season starts some teams are injected with some type of programming that impedes them to do well while others are programmed to do well no matter what.

Of course, if I pay a lot of real money I can get a team to 150% and keep it there for as long as I want and win everything, and even then if the game decides this season to jinx my team I will be spending for nothing. Look, I am sick and tired to spend time, and resources to get my team a 40% daily training bonus, superb morale, and 99% rest, find formation and tactics for each opponent and try to be present for all matches and then end up losing against an inferior or equal opponent at least 50 ton 60 % of the time always lose against stronger teams. This game is a scam to make us either pay money or be at the mercy of the simulator algorithms which are manipulated and not in a fair way.