every season the game gets worse and worse for us who are desperately trying to play it with minimal spending. the scouting with players with two special abilities and even the regular one is a joke, All players with two special abilities are older and expensive and their percentages are abysmally low. In addition, the special abilities almost all suck, why would you have ST with corner ability? the ST should be the one scoring off a corner not shooting it, most players have either a free-kick specialist or a penalty specialist, but very few others. playstyles are few and rare and almost all the same. I went to see the trainer in the player academy the one you pay for and it's now 9.99? Really? We went from 4.99 to 6.99 last season now it's 9.99? What the heck is going on? In addition what the heck is it with the free token games? You reach the levels to get the tokens and they do not pay them out. You constantly have to contact support to ask to get paid and it's not only annoying but it's unfair that we have to work so hard to get free tokens and then wait a long time to get them when we need them NOW!

You all have to really restructure these things and make this game more enjoyable and less aggravating and especially less expensive.