1. Pre-season needs to be longer

It is weird how on the final day after you play your final match a message says something like 'it is pre season use this time to train your team or play friendlys'. Then the very next day pre season is over your team been reduced by 20% and you start the cup, champions league or super cup. a few hours is not much of a pre season sure league dont start till day 3 but still not a pre season

2. Team reductions

It would be a good if people who pay to improve squad to outragous numbers get a bigger reduction in team % compared to people who don't have the money to spend. Right now every team reduces by 20% which is unfair because the people who have 200+% once it is reduced by 20% they still have a big % team compared to people who have a smaller team because they don't or can't afford to pay to win

So maybe change the % reduction based on how much people spend for example if someone spends 50 or over (In whatever currency) they get a 40% team reduction at the end of the season to make it fairer to the people who find this game unfair because they cant afford to pay/spend

3. Player auction

Maybe put a limit on how many players you can buy a day because i have noticed on autions lately most all the bidders are 200+% teams bidding on any player they can even low star players. they defently don't need these players compared to people who may be just starting out on the game and actually need to improve their team but can't because they are getting out bid by 200+% teams.

I went to buy a player from auction the otherday to improve my team and nomatter who i tried to bid for these 200+% teams were battling it out bidding excess of 30+ tokens which is not good when you know you have no chance of winning cause you dont have 100s of tokens like these 200+% teams